Thought for the Month

On the 2nd June we will be celebrating 60 years of worshipping in our present home. The Chapel was first started in a barn around the mid 1860’s. The then Earl of Ashburnham built us a proper Chapel on the outskirts of Ashburnham until the Revd. John Bickersteth the nephew of the Ashburnham’s allowed us to move into the centre of the village and into out present home.

Before we were given the Chapel it was the village hall where all the young people met once a week for Youth Club? I was one of those attending, what fun we had. We learnt to develop our own photographs – not something we need to know these days with iPhones, we all learnt to do ballroom dancing, our Youth Leaders then were very accomplished dancers. Rock and Roll and The Twist were in vogue and we all enjoyed listening to the latest records and attempting to dance to them.

In those days I lived in Brightling and my friend and I cycled every Wednesday evening whatever the weather for the 2 hrs of fun. That was a long cycle ride about 8 miles through narrow country lanes with no street lights and hardly a soul around. I doubt whether it would be safe for 2 14 year old females to do that nowadays.

This week there have been a lot of Council Elections up and down the country and I honestly think people have really struggled to know who to vote for. There is so much turmoil in our country at present. I am ashamed to say that for the first time since I have been old enough to vote I didn’t. In truth I just do not believe what the politicians tell me any more. On a News programme I watched earlier in the week they were arguing about whether it is right to have a Christian Leader of a certain party because of the views held by that person. Views which are clear and precise in the Bible and yet it was being said that in these days of diversity somebody with such clear views should not be a Leader? Surely that is exactly what we need to get out Country back under control?

During the last world war our Nation had a Day of Prayer when things were not going well for us and The Lord heard our prayers and answered them! We should have another National Day of Prayer!

I am just about to head off for the Rogation Service which this year is being held at Kitchenham Farm. All you farmers will know the importance of the right weather at the right time for planting crops and for harvesting them. A Rogation service is an ancient church festival that seeks blessings for a community and its sustenance. The word “rogation” comes from the Latin verb “rogare,” which means “to ask.” During Rogation services, people beseech God for protection from calamities and seek blessings for the land, crops, and livelihoods. These services often connect directly with agricultural activities in rural parishes. Rogation Sunday, in particular, provides an opportunity for communities to come together and participate in a church service. The Rogation Days are observed during the three weekdays before Ascension Day but most churches hold this Service on the preceding Sunday as do we. Today the weather is perfect!