Thought for the month of January.

Well, here we are.

We have all come through 2023 and now we are facing 2024.

We have all gone through things - some we knew about and some came as a complete surprise!

But, we've made it through.

I Thank God that He was with me in 2023 and that He is with me in 2024 -

His Word says

He will never leave us or forsake us (Hebrews 13:5)

What a comfort that is -

We will all experience a different 2024

Different Joy's, different challenges, but the one constant is Our ever present Father

The Prince of Peace.

At the moment of writing this I am going through some challenges which I can honestly say I am not enjoying, but I know that God's Word says

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

Therefore, I know that I will get through them.

I must choose to take comfort in the Truth of God's Word and know that if God's Word says it, then that is THE TRUTH no matter what I may think or how I may be feeling...

...So I can and will get through the challenges.

I can also do what He has called me to do because it is Christ who strengthens me. I will not find the same strength in anyone or anything other than Him.

How reassuring it is also to know that He has given us each other to help and support one another through both good and not so good times.

Let us Praise God for His Wonderful Love towards us and His Constant mercy, remembering that He wants the Best for us and that He will guide us through 2024.

May you know His Love this year.

Sue Noakes 

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