Congratulations to our members of The Thursday Club for their amazing handiwork in constructing The 'Thursday Club Castle'.

The Chapel Will Come To You!

We are now back in the Chapel every Sunday at 6-30 p.m but we will continue to Zoom our Service live with log-in from 6-15 p.m  Log in details are ID 410 783 0582 and the meeting password is Fay

If you require the long number to log in, please email Fay and she will send the link to you.  Fay's email address is on the Leaders and Preachers page.


Prayer Meeting. 

We have a prayer meeting on the First Monday of the month at 7:45pm in the chapel, and we join with St. Peter's Ashburnham on the Second Thursday of the month 7:30 pm for an hour of prayer in Ashburnham Church Hall.