Congratulations to our members of The Thursday Club for their amazing handiwork in constructing The 'Thursday Club Castle'.

Our next Healing Service 

This is on the 29th July when we have Mike von Fraunhofer leading us.  Mike is a founder member of Eastgate Healing Centre and he is going to do a "Workshop on Healing".  

 “Dr. Mike” as he is known to his patients, was born and raised in London. He trained as a doctor at Manchester University. Until 2013 he worked as a doctor in Manchester and was part of Manchester Vineyard. He then relocated to the south where he helped to set up the Eastgate church healing centre. This now sees over a thousand visitors come for healing prayer from all over the South East, working with volunteers from 16 different churches. 

Through there and through his own prayer ministry he has seen God move in powerful ways to bring healing and miracles. Mike believes that all Christians should pray for others for their healing. 
Come and join him and his team for an evening of teaching and practical training and the release of God’s Kingdom.

As usual our Service will start at 6-30 p.m

Healing Services

We will be holding 3 Healing Services during 2018.

 These will be on the 29th April, the 29th July and the

21st October at 6-30 p.m  

More details on these services will provided as they become available, but please make a note in your diaries.

Prayer Meeting

We have a prayer meeting on the First Monday of the month at 7-45pm in the chapel, and we join with St. Peter's Ashburnham on the Second Thursday of the month 8 pm for an hour of prayer in Ashburnham Church Hall.