Congratulations to our members of The Thursday Club for their amazing handiwork in constructing The 'Thursday Club Castle'.

The Chapel Will Come To You!

Every Sunday we hold a Zoom Service at 6:30 p.m, with a log-on from 6:15. if you would like to join us please either ring Fay or email her and she will send you an invitation.  (Details for Fay are on our Leaders and Preachers page) For those of you that do not know what Zoom is; it is a means of joining together and seeing and hearing each other all at the same time so our service is 'virtual'.  It is a great way of worshipping together!

47 people joined us for our 6th Zoom Service! 
Please do join us, we would love to welcome you.


Prayer Meeting. 

This is suspended until we reopen

We have a prayer meeting on the First Monday of the month at 7:45pm in the chapel, and we join with St. Peter's Ashburnham on the Second Thursday of the month 7:30 pm for an hour of prayer in Ashburnham Church Hall.