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For our Remembrance Sunday Service, members of the chapel made poppies out of felt, or crocheted them.


The below images are from our recent Anniversary Service

Our Harvest Tea

We had a wonderful time together sharing tea and singing all the favourite harvest hymns.  Our collection amounted to £293 which we have sent to Water Aid

We had an abundance of fruit and vegetables and after members of the congregation had taken some we took the rest down to St Peter’s for their Harvest Service the following week.  They asked for food for the Food Banks at Bexhill and Battle instead of fruit and veg.  Which was great. Some of the wheat went to help decorate Bexhill URC as well.

God is so faithful, just as He promised He always gives us seed time and harvest, sunshine and rain.  If only we humans would love one another and stop all the bickering and fighting there would be plenty to feed the whole world!

For large images of our Harvest Festival offerings, please click on the images below.

Our Anniversary Service held on the 2nd June.

We had a wonderful Anniversary Celebration and the 4 members of the Heathfield Silver Band were marvellous, everybody really enjoyed singing to them.  Several people asked me if I could get them for our Carol Service, so I have ‘put in a request’! Our grateful thanks again go to Edward for letting us park in his field, people really appreciate being able to park safely off the road.

During the Service we heard how the Chapel first came into being, meeting in a barn after the day’s work had been completed around the mid 1880’s and Revd. Brian Bowyer reminded us of how when he first became Minister of Robertson Street Church in the early 1970’s  our Chapel was part of his church and Revd. John Bickersteth then Vicar of Ashburnham, St. Peter’s and Penhurst, St. Michael’s often worked closely together showing Villagers a united front.