We at the Chapel have experienced and know the infinite power of prayer.

In our Chapel Services and our personal prayers we ask for God's help in our lives and the lives of others that have asked for our prayers

We have listed here those that have requested that we pray for them and the situations that they are in, may we please ask you to pray for them also?

If you would like a name added to the list, be it yours or another's please contact us at pjdoodes@hotmail.com 

 Philippians 4:6-7   Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

Your prayers are asked for:


We regret to report the recent death of our Chapel stalwart and preacher, farmer Paul Lewis.  We ask for your prayers for Paul's family, especially on the ninth of December at 11 a.m., when his funeral will take place at The White Chapel, Punnetts Town, and for peace for them as they come to terms with their loss of a father, grandfather, brother, and uncle.


Eloise has now finished her Proton Therapy Treatment and the recent MRI scan shows no damage to healthy tissue so she is now able to start a new treatment of chemotherapy which we pray will see her completely cured.  Please also prayer for the family as they continue many trips to the hospital and try to keep life as normal as possible for Eloise's sister Anna also pray that the mother and father can stay strong through such a difficult time for them all.   Eloise is now 2 years old.


For Matthew, who is in a drug rehabilitation centre 


Ian is now gaining weight and making satisfactory progress following his cancer operation, having been signed off for six months.


For Corrie, who is making remarkable progress.


Please pray for the person who has recently been made redundant and has asked for prayer.  Pray that he/she will soon find new employment and peace. 


Yuecy, a young woman in her 30s with a 3-year old child has had her operation for ovarian cancer, and has now been told that she has a 90% chance of survival.  A complete turn around and wonder news.


 Joan, that the cancer stops growing and the current side effects subside


 Adam is suffering from some problems caused by his chemotherapy, please pray that they will subside.

For Ben, that his speech will return to normal soon

For Royel - who has blood cancer

For Rob - please pray for his wellbeing


Bob: We thank you for your prayer card and will be praying for you.

We also ask for prayers for the person who put card in our prayer box asking the chapel to pray for their future decisions, their mental health,  and their decisions regarding their responsibilities. 

We ask your prayers for all that are involved on caring for the sick and injured, nurses, doctors and all the carers. 

And may the peace of our Lord be with any who have recently been bereaved.

If you wish your name, or something of concern to be included in our monthly prayer video, please post a request in the Chapel letterbox.