It is vital in this day and age that the ordinary Churches of our land rediscover an expectant, sensible, scriptural healing ministry.   Our Lord commanded it, our nation needs it, and the Church will not be obedient or relevant without it. (The Right Revd Bishop John Parry)

This is Abbie's testimony.

I was diagnosed with coeliac disease 12 and a half years ago. Coeliac disease for me meant that if I ate any gluten I would be violently sick and have diarrhoea for several days. The treatment is to follow a gluten free diet which is what I did. 

I believe that God heals but the nature of my extreme reaction to gluten made me reluctant to go for prayer as the only way to know I had been healed would be to eat gluten. So I perhaps quite boldly said to God very early on “ When you heal me it will need to come via a word from someone who doesn’t know me”. 

Our church believes in healing and we have had lots of teaching on it, My husband Ben and I heard of a day course being held locally and our church sent us on it expectantly.

On the morning of the course full of faith we took photos of my swollen ankle and arm that is not straight in the hope of receiving healing of that and rheumatoid arthritis.

The course was amazing we had teaching and demonstrations which were opportunities to be prayed for I did have prayer for my ankle and RA.

After lunch Paul Skelton one of the leaders said he had some words for people and pointed at me and said Gods healing you from Coeliac disease ! Wow exactly as I had asked God to do it I was amazed and to be honest a little nervous because I knew what I would have to do next!

On the way home Ben said to me “right are we going to Tesco on the way home then?”   Only he knew what I had said to God and when I’d told him I said that the thing I wanted to eat and missed most was a jam doughnut.

So that’s what we did I must be honest and say that I was still very apprehensive but determined to act in faith on the word that had been spoken to me.

I ate it and was absolutely fine and 2 months or more on I have not had any of the nasty symptoms that I used to get and am regularly enjoying lots of foods that had been off the menu for years Praise God !Abbie 

Gareths Testimony 
Answered prayer (Psalm 40:1-10)

I attended Sunday Communion with my wife, daughter and her two sons recently and heard a very instructive sermon on being thankful. This is a sentiment to which I can attest in regard to much answered prayer that has been addressed to me over the last 18 months.

In April 2018 I was diagnosed with inoperable bowel cancer which was terminal within weeks. This had spread to the liver. Two of our doctor daughters researched a wonderful surgeon who said he was prepared to operate on the liver and that his colleague would operate on the bowel.  Our very good friend, Fay, immediately said she would organise a prayer team to cover me during the operations.  This continued faithfully for the second liver operation which was undertaken on 22 November.

Subsequently, I had a heart attack which necessitated a stent being inserted near the heart and, two weeks later, a further operation to have a stent put into my left leg. 
Having contracted sepsis, as a result of an ulcerated leg, I had to undergo a below the knee amputation on 2 July 2019.

All operations were covered with the same rigorous and faithful prayer support.  There is so much for which to give thanks, and yet there remains the question, why me?  In answering a question put to me yesterday concerning unanswered prayer, I said that all prayer is answered by our Heavenly Father, but perhaps in different ways from that expected.

Now that my latest tests show no evidence of any cancer, all I can do is thankfully to corroborate my experiences of the miraculous which have been confirmed by each of the consultants involved in my recovery and ask for the next step in my Christian ministry.

Rev Gareth Smith

Fay Writes:

The 20th October 19 Healing Service was very blessed.  Revd. Chris Lawrence led the Service and told us about a lady who had broken her leg and it refused to heal.  One day as she was showering she said to The Lord, "Lord I know you love me and you don't want me to have this broken leg"!  then she launched herself out of the shower and as she landed her leg was instantly healed!!  When she saw her consultant he looked at her leg and said "it is nothing short of a miracle!".  I am not saying that we should all do this, but I think the Holy Spirit must have spoken to her and in faith she obeyed.

Revd. Chris then went on to tell us how he had 
been talking to a lady on the check out till in his supermarket recently when she told him that 
she had a really bad back and was having a job to work.  Revd. Chris asked her if he could pray for 
her and she said "yes please do".  Of course Revd. Chris was delighted to pray for her and did so.  
He saw her a couple of days later and she told
 him that her back was completely healed.

We also had a lady who came up for prayer after the Service and she sent me an email a few days later to say that she was completely better.  I am meeting her for coffee shortly and will find out more about her healing.

Many other people came up for prayer after the Service but as yet I have not heard how they are doing.  Many people receive Healing but never tell us, mainly because they do not want anybody to know about their problems.

We continue to pray for Joan and every time she sees her oncologist her "markers" are down, so far from 220 - 18 Praise The Lord.

God always hears our prayers and sometimes He chooses to heal us instantly as the lady with the broken leg and sometimes over a period of time like Joan.  The one thing we can be sure of is that He loves us and always does the best for us.  Never forget that He knows the future and we don't. (Fay)