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Thought for the month of October

I have just read an article in the “Heart” newspaper entitled ‘Farewell Old Normal’ where the writer says church life for some will never be the same.  He says that he foresees bible-believing Christians will leave the institutional church in their droves.  This got me thinking….

 During ‘lock-down’ every week and since, I have run a Zoom Service for our little chapel and we have seen our congregation increase from a regular 8 – 10 to a regular 30 – 35.  I did wonder if the increase in numbers was because other churches were not holding services and I fully expected that we would go back to 10 - 12 when the other churches re-opened.  But this has not been the case.  We are now seeing 20 + actually in person on a Sunday evening and another 10 – 12 on Zoom

 I fully expect this to continue especially through the winter months when it is dark, cold, wet and windy with maybe even snow.  Why would anybody wish to leave the comfort of their home when they can still see their friends and worship Our Lord from their favourite armchair?

 This makes total sense when one thinks of the extra costs involved in running churches in the winter months.  We are very lucky at the chapel because we have a very efficient heating system which heats up the meeting room in 2 hours but what about our huge stone churches which take 2 days to heat up enough for people to sit in their overcoats and be comfortable.

I attend one such church in the morning every Sunday and during the winter months I often sit in a thick coat with gloves on to keep warm.   One thing we must of course bear in mind is that the church is the people, not the building!

 I am absolutely certain that Our Father in heaven doesn’t care one bit about the glamour, pomp and traditions that so many churches spend £1,000’s on each year.  All He cares about is that we pray, listen to and follow His commands daily.  If we think back to the days of the Apostles the Christians usually met in people’s homes.

 I can hear you saying to yourselves, “we must keep our churches open and pass on God’s word, it is so very important”.  I agree, but less and less people go to church on a Sunday and if those people can be persuaded to join a Service from the comfort of their own homes we are carrying out Jesus’s instruction to go out and tell the world that He is alive today, that He died to save us from our sins, that He rose again and sits at the right hand of God the Father who controls the universe and everything in it.

 The young people of today are brought up thinking that they must be on their phones and iPads for the biggest part of their day so if we want to ‘get thro’ to them we have to use the media to do it.

 Quite a thought isn’t it?   (Fay)