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Thought for the month of February


I was thinking about the hymns and worship songs we sing in church….and I got to wondering how many of us actually do believe and put into practice during the week, any of the things we have been praising God about during a Service, or in our own worship times at home.

It is easy to worship when we feel happy or when we are with our brothers and sisters in church – but when we are on our own and are faced with a spiritual challenge do we automatically recall and speak out the Truths of scripture, or a song that has those Truths in it to keep our minds stayed on God and what His Word says about the situation, or do we simply go through the week in the same way as those without hope?

In Matthew 10 v 1…..Jesus gave the disciples POWER over unclean spirits, to cast them out, and to heal ALL kinds of sickness and ALL kinds of disease (DIS-EASE) When we are Born Again, into the family of God, we are given that same POWER in which Jesus and His disciples operated…..LETS USE IT!

There is a Noel Richards worship song from 1989 called “There is power in the name of Jesus”, in it, it declares…

“At His name the demons flee

At His name captives are freed”.

In the second verse it goes on to say…

“There is power in the name of Jesus

Like a sword in our hands”

(Notice it is in our hands) – If someone came at you with a sword you would back off……God’s Word is like a two edged sword.

We need to believe that there IS POWER in the Word of God and that when WE speak the appropriate words of God into whatever the situation we may be faced with, through Christ, We HAVE the victory over it.

The last part of Noels song says…

“At His name, God’s enemies 

Shall be crushed

Beneath our feet”

Notice it is ‘our feet’ – WE need to be speaking out and declaring the Truth is Jesus name…..

For there is no other name higher than Jesus!

Blessings, Su