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Thought for the month of January

Am I who I am because I have evolved from the ape like the creature that my great, great, great…. Grandmother was? (I wonder which of my relatives was the ape? I think my mother would definitely say it was on my father’s side and not hers!):

Or am I here for a purpose?...

Created without the knowledge of right and wrong, guilt free, as a child.

I wasn’t created to be the judge of right and wrong but the receiver and giver of love and relationship that can only exist through free will.

Then the temptation to know it all became too great and innocence was exchanged for knowledge.

Guilt, anxiety, and shame were born, resulting in great damage and dysfunction to the soul – the mind, the will and the emotions – holistically affecting me, even at the cellular level.

I strived to fix that damage with approval, substance and achievement; to regain a sense of self-worth.

Not able to see the root, we all strive to treat the fruit.

Perhaps the right music will heal? The right counsellor? The right drug? The right partner? The right gender? The right cause? The right child? The right pet? The right diet? The right behaviour?

Treating the fruit demands a lifelong commitment to the treatment.

Unable to control the world around me, the fruit of feeling wrong, feeling I am not enough, I have not made it yet grows, despite my efforts.

Our worth and value was never supposed to be found in ourselves, by ourselves.

It is the reason we exist. Human beings not human doings.

If I lose my family, my position in life, my ministry, my job, my home and material things what am I worth then?

If I do nothing to change the world around me, for the better, then why was I even created?

If I lose my limbs in an accident would I still be completely me?

If I lose my awareness of who I am and who you are, laying in a comma for a decade or muddled in my foggy brain, would I become worthless then?

Does my worth and value come from the price I am willing to put on my life?

Am I supposed to put a price on your life? On your worth and your value?

I cannot judge your worth and value, though, until I have spoken to you. I need to discover your role, your position and your achievements, your income and your character. How you speak and the way you dress. I need to know who you admire and what circles you move in.

I need to establish your morals and beliefs. I need to know who you have hurt and who you are likely to hurt. And any crimes you have committed.

Only then can I settle on a price and a place for you on this earth.

But what if I am not supposed to put a price on your worth and value?

What if the One who created you put your worth and value above His very own?

What if the One who created you put your worth and value as greater than anything else in the entire universe?

But hey, why would the One who created humanity put our life’s worth and value above His own?

Even exchange all that He is for all that you are?

Why would a mother or father willingly exchange places with a dying child?

Why not just forget that one, let it go, have another, start again, one life is the same as another, what does it matter?

It could only matter if we are made in the image of a Father who made us and His image is love.

He is so close.

Open your heart and ask Him in.

Prepare to be loved like you have never known before.

He has made you external, spend it with Him.